February 17, 2016 Amber Kenny

Finding Wings

When I look back on my acting training days, I can’t help but smile from walking into my audition for the first time not knowing if I would get in and thinking hmmm if this doesn’t work what’s plan B??? There wasn’t any !! I was so sure of my destiny (big breath) Here goes.

I was 17 when I auditioned for acting school. With a script of Joan of Arc in hand and my guitar in the other I marched in full of nerves and trepidation.

The room was dark and overwhelming I stood on the stage wishing it would swallow me up. Mopsie and Richard were sitting their waiting to see what I was going to do..”In you own time”, Richard mumbled

I took a big breath and I began to channel Joan in a slightly shaky voice “They told me you were fools and I was not to listen to your fine words or trust to your charity etc…”

After the first line and a few dramatic gestures, I thought Wow this isn’t so bad in fact this is AWSOME fun!!!

After my speech there was silence. You could not hear a pin drop. My heart sunk, thinking the worst.

They were both staring at me for what felt like eternity, what were they thinking? Was I that bad?
This is when I thought I should have worn a different dress.

Richard asked me why I brought my guitar and I told him I play and I wanted to sing them a song.
“Great” he said “let’s hear it.”

So I took it out and played my favourite Joni Mitchell song Carousel of time… I still love that song

They said thank you and goodbye will will be in touch.

“Okay” I said I picked up my guitar and I walked out very uncertain.

2 weeks later still no word “Oh well, I didn’t get it, there’s always next year”

Waiting to get that phone call was truly the worst, jumping at every phone call hoping it would be them telling me congratulations. It was playing on my mind so much I went around and round in circles analysing my performance, how I could have played it differently? maybe I choose the wrong piece?

FINALLY I received a called from Richard telling me I GOT IN and he was really delighted with my audition piece and said get ready to be challenged.

I could barley keep my self together!!! Yeah!!! I was so excited

So the next 4 years was and amazing and exciting adventure full of wonderful stories, challenging characters and fun and complicated plays and many wonderful friendships made along the way.

I am so grateful for the path I chose and the adventures I had and am still having today.

Taking that leap of life back then was so scary, but It meant now as I am getting older things don’t feel as scary because I will always remember how that made me feel. Let’s say that for a few seconds I swear I had wings.

Amber xx