July 28, 2016 Amber Kenny

Get Your Confidence Back!!!

Building and working on our confidence is a fundamental skill of life, which we start to learn from the day we are born. However confidence can take a lifetime to achieve especially once we feel it can be easily challenged and knocked about by its best friend we love to hate…fear!!

As I went through my early years I didn’t quite know what the hell my parents were talking about when they said to me: “What ever you do in life, you must do it with passion and confidence, as that will truly separate you from the rest and you will be successful…“ I must have had a look of complete confusion on my face as I pondered what those words meant.

The Teenage years were a whirlwind of passion and definitely a false sense of confidence to mask my vulnerability and ‘I know EVERYTHING’ attitude. Confidence was something that came in bursts and often it was to impress a group of friends or a boy. Having endured all that I eventually found the wonderful world of acting and there I began to find bucket loads of inner confidence, which over time began to grow and grew in a way that allowed me to really to come to life. Well, maybe I got a little sillier and slightly more dramatic!

In my early 20’s my confidence really shifted into what my parents mentioned as a child. Having found my calling I was able to make sense and put passion and confidence together like it was like a dance and I was a choreographer. Being able to hold onto that feeling of confidence a little longer without seeming arrogant or egotistical was truly an awesome feeling. I am truly grateful for that gift of confidence to be creative in an artistic way.

As the years go on I allow my confidence and passion to wax and wane. As I pass through life, knowing it’s there is, I guess, my inner motivator. Without it, I know that annoying friend ‘fear’ would hold me back.

Something interesting I have noticed about confidence is that it always turns up late YES LATE to the party so if you are fearful of something in life I reckon DO IT ANYWAY and then confidence will be waiting for you to pat you on the back!

When I feel fear I like to think of turning it into excitement, as they are in essence the same feeling… what do you think?

Making room for confidence allows us to truly see whom we are and whom we can be. It’s time get on with it…

Well that’s my take on it…

Take it or leave it!