January 15, 2015 Amber Kenny

‘Lights, Camera, Action’

Well, our first class was yesterday. We had a blast! We hope the kids did too.
The very talented Amber taught the class, (with help from me to shoot the kids scenes). The morning kicked off with introductions and some super fun improvisation games. I gave a brief talk about the different types of ‘shots’ to expect; close-up, wide-shot, etc. Then it was morning tea. Afterwards we gave out the scripts and cast the kids in their roles. The time before lunch was spent discussing characters and ‘blocking’ the scene. Lunch was eaten outside, in the beautiful Waverley Park, under the shade of the huge trees.
After lunch we had a few more games and then it was time to shoot. The group that was shooting always had some help from other students to operate the clapper board or help with continuity. The rest of the classs watched the process or spent time memorising their scripts. We were so impressed with everyone and I’m really looking forward to editing the footage into mini movies.
Class wrapped up with some ‘go-sees’ to camera and some fun warm down games.
Thanks to all the kids (and parents/guardians for dropping them off and picking them up). We hope to see you in our term classes.
Check out the pictures here.
Sarah 🙂