November 25, 2015 Amber Kenny

Our very first Bondi Acting excursion!!!

It was great. We had tickets to see Sydney Theatre Companies “Orlando” featuring fantastic Aussie actors. We had a lovely time BUT Getting there was another story…

In a nutshell, the lovely Katrina, (Sienna’s mum) very kindly offered to drive us in. So we’re heading down Macquarie Street, turned left into Bridge Street and STOP! TRAFFIC BACKED UP SO BADLY, I stated to get worried.

For 20 minutes we crawled 5 metres…slight panic as it was 6.15pm and the show started in 15 minutes with NO INTERVAL…hmmm what to do??

Never fear when you have two passionate teenagers whom are craving for adventure! We dramatically jumped out of the car, I removed my heels and we sprinted to down through the Quay and up over the rocks, under the bridge and down to the four story staircase arriving at the Wharf box office slightly out of breath (due to mainly running and laughing the whole way… my goodness these girls have energy!!)

We finally arrive at the box office with 5 minutes to spare YIPEE WE MADE IT!!! Only for the lady at the counter to burst our bubble

“Orlando is at the Drama Theatre” she said in a ‘silly you’ voice and I said “Yes that’s right Wharf 1” sounding a little dramatic with shoes still in hand. She said, “The Drama Theatre is over at the Opera house”

“WHAT!!” I said out loud
YOU’VE GOT TO BE F%$*#N KIDDING ME (I said to myself)

The girls looked a little deflated as we walked out thinking it’s too late…

But not for long!!!

But we decided to RUN again to the Opera House so OFF we went up the 4 story staircase (man that was hard) under the bridge and through the Quay …  Oh, we stopped for Ice cream at the Copenhagen ice cream parlor!!! Then off again ,we ran and ran all the way to the Opera House and arrived ONLY 45mins late…WOW!

WE had made it and were taken to our seats in complete confusion as to what the play was about… but after a few minutes we settled into a wonderful story told by inspiring actors in a practical and unassuming set. What a great night. I still had NO shoes on because my feet were throbbing from running on the road for at least 4 kilometres!

As the show ended we clapped and walked out enjoying our rather slow stroll back to the car. What a Bondi Acting adventure!

– Amber xx