Term 1 2018 Act Out Loud 6 to 9 years

Act Out Loud

To improvise means to make something up on the spot, or figure it out as you go. Improvisation is the foundation of acting it is like your tool kit of acting, apart from it being a lot of fun once these skills are learnt they are never forgotten.

Improvise comes from the Latin word improvisus, meaning “unforeseen, unexpected.” Think about when something unexpected happens to you — you have no choice but to react in the moment, or improvise. Another meaning for improviserefers to acting onstage without a script. When actors improvise scenes for an audience, they create funny situations as they go, without having anything pre-planned or scripted.

Improvisation is a skill that is learnt by developing techniques of visual and physical/mental exploration. By allowing the student to discover for themselves the What Why Where and hows

Rules of improvisation

Say YES don’t block other players

Don’t try to be funny let it come naturally

Bring energy don’t bring the team down come in with lots of good energy

Play off the lines given don’t go in with a set agenda

Make active choices add action into scene not just the words

Move forward with the scene flesh out the storyline and characters as you go “make it interesting”

This exciting first term for 2018 will be one not too miss!

8 week term


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