December 1, 2014 Amber Kenny

Some Bondi Acting background

Amber and I have known each other since 2008, when we worked together at a performing arts academy in Sydney. There we gained experience in every aspect of running a performing arts academy, from creating and running acting classes and workshops to teaching and producing class material and curriculum. When Amber left in 2010, to have her first child, she was the head of teachers and principals. I began as assistant to the Program Director, working my way to the role of Creative Manager before leaving myself in mid 2012 to have my first child.
Having worked in this area previously, we saw first hand the benefits of having performing arts as part of a child’s life – even if their desire is never to be on the stage – performing arts helps children with other areas of their life, from improved school work and concentration to enhancing confidence and having a life and friendships outside of school.
We were very keen to work together again after stopping work to have children, and have now decided to do it on our own terms. Having individual strengths – Amber in teaching and theatre production and myself in production, admin and technology, both in writing and creating class material – we feel that we can come together to create something amazing.
The idea for Bondi Acting come about last autumn with a suggestion by Amber that I could do something with kids as a business. I then put it to her that we do it together. The idea evolved from something in early childhood to teaching acting to kids and adults, something we both knew.
Every Wednesday morning we would have our ‘business meetings’; at our homes, in cafes, then we kind of took over the local branch of the St George Bank (Hall St), with one each of our kids crawling and running around, while Maria (the in house St George barista) made us lattes, and Nick, our bank contact would pop by to see if we needed anything. When opening our business account, in the first week the new St George branch opened on Hall Street Bondi, we wandered in from our meeting in a cafe a few doors down, on a whim that today would be a good day to open a needed business account. With no appointment we found Nick to be wonderful and patient with us and our kids. A phone call the following day from Nick invited us to come down to the local branch for the “official” branch opening. There, Bondi Acting was presented with a prize, which included, among other things, a meeting with St George’s own graphic designer and brand manager to design flyers, business cards and post cards and support to advertise in the local community. We have been so lucky to have had that opportunity, and thus the foxy new logo was born. (Thanks Aline and Paul, and St George).
Bondi acting has its first class on January 14th, 2015 at the Margaret Whitlam Recreation Centre at Waverley Park, with term classes to start on the first Tuesday of the school term. We can’t wait.
We are looking forward to having lots of local kids and adults become a part our the Bondi Acting family. Our hope is to not only run acting classes for children and adults, but create a space where we can produce local theatre productions to helping kids make short films for festivals.
Sarah 🙂