May 26, 2015 Amber Kenny

Term 2 – Teachers Note

Term 2 is going so well. All the kids are happily exploring their characters and I couldn’t be prouder. Learning the concept of building a character is an individual complex process, but I must admit learning these techniques as a group with everyone giving there best, has been so much fun. They really do make me belly laugh with their witty improvisations. I’m really amazed at how everyone in the class has embraced it. Another aspect that I have to mention is the level of friendships that have grown and the amount of support each person gives in the space, is wonderful. That was one of our main goals at Bondi Acting, to further good friendships and widen our community spirit. I’m so happy seeing it unfold. I look forward to the rest of term unfolding … what will they come up with… Hmmm!!